toothiest asked:
whoa friend! are you ok?? really bored??


WHOAAO i really was!! i love your blog, super cute. those flowers are something relaxing.

i basic fell heels for that jade as yor icon. sorrysyrir ;c;

drianthelionprince asked:
This is not a question but I've become a fan of you haha I love your drawings and your illustrations and your gifs and your style! =)


i though ladyggaga crystal mama jama..ohgoshkelmenowwwhahahaHEAT!!!

thankq so much ; ~ ;

porrimistheclassiestlesbian asked:
Ohgod I love your art. SO MUCH. Can I love you now U8

hahahah- goodexcusetodrawmoregamzee

YoUr FrEe To LoVe Me AlL yOu PlEaSe. JuSt TaKe Me OuT tO dInNeR fIrSt ;o)


alwaysdreah asked:
If you could go an adventure with any kind of mythical creature, what creature would you go with and what would you do!?

omg just everything possible

mothermule asked:
hi i really like your art ok rolls out



notthecatprince-deactivated2012 asked:
hi, um, I used to follow you on dA but you stopped updating there :< but ahhh I love your blog and I still really love your art~!


; < ; ohmygosh thankq

i know, im a loser for bailing on da sobb

Anonymous asked:
is the gorillaz really over?


i have no idea. but im checking for any updates if thats real ;;

londoneyex asked:
also your art has turned so amazing the last time i saw it ;u; <333 I LOVE THE STYLE SO MUCH OMG

Anonymous asked:
Will you marry me? u3u

oh gosh— i dontknow.this is so sudden.. oh my-

assamites asked:
poops in ur ass box

make sure to wipe on your way out

arcsin said: woah! mad traditional art combo!!! I missed these kind of posts from you ;-;