plushdavey answered: twin daves doing twin things

Tc: Come on bro. Pay attention to the game dilltard

This is the first part of what i was thinking hot twin babe striders would do.. but then i thought more, and was looking at cumstucks blog then this other one…… (DON’T CLICK IF YOU DONT PREFER THE SHIPPING OF A STRIDERCEST KIND) came into being 

i enjoyed drawing Homestuck for the passed month. Any body or Anon.s have requests?


tags for details~ (detail me for nsfw)

insecureiillustrator answered: Thank you. How about DavKat blackrom and BrobotxJake? They’re something I don’t see enough of. But I second plushdavey, oh yes!

uGHHHHH;;; i only did the DavKat is tHAT oK??? ;o;

3 of the Homestuck kids hehe

what do i draw at 2:03:45 am school today.