ithoughtofthis- like lol.. what a coool sayingg ok bye Vanilla and Def hahaha OTL

i guess i finished this darn thing (ノ・o・)ノ  here it is! Im feeling more artsy now! Trying to get back out there and draw some more since i haven’t in a while. And these guys are the best to get me outta my funk. Vanilla and Def AGUN

nnnnyeah ; = ;

i dont think i can finish bc the pose is so awkward, but just so you guises can see i was ACTUALLY DRAW- GASP. its just so hard for me to draw poses with acceptable TOLERANCENESSSSSSS.

poop spelled backwards is poop

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ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

 im not sure if its ok to be drawing these guys like they are a brother like item. Where Def is constantly badgering Vanilla like the asshole he is.

I just really like that flambo boy.

im sorry i might of defiled Vanilla but he is like my second favorite character in the Boy lessons comic and in general. And i loved his hair i used it for a freak i made, Defience. Anyways, trying to draw again. woop oTL

OH- and thats my sig for now i guess 0:B


ew i hate nine’s face

why you gius so rowdyy