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a GIF of nine and busby.

cutest babs i ever had the pleasure to make. I was gona make it longer but i want to make more stuff 

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 Anonymous asked you: Draw two gamzees giving a confused Tavros kissy faces ;3
uGHHHH;;; i couldn’t really draw Tav w/ his constant confused face because i think it make him a hot fucker if he was just enjoying this gamwich 

eridans-lover answered: Eridan and Gamzee

omg.imsorry.. i lost my tablet pen.. right when i was finishing this. AND LIKE A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHOE. THIS WAS LIKE the only thing close to being done.. :I then like my pen decides to roll off the face of the earth. WELP this is what i can opst sorry for this piece of shoe

i haven’t drawn for u in a while!!!sobb

apparently i’ve  forgotten how anatomy works 

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