me:in hurricane sandy. what else to do but put up some john/karkat

just friended Noahh !!

a bored late sketch i did on Whiteboard on my ipod.. i might turn this into a WIP. Idk 

 Anonymous asked you: Draw two gamzees giving a confused Tavros kissy faces ;3
uGHHHH;;; i couldn’t really draw Tav w/ his constant confused face because i think it make him a hot fucker if he was just enjoying this gamwich 

eridans-lover answered: Eridan and Gamzee

omg.imsorry.. i lost my tablet pen.. right when i was finishing this. AND LIKE A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHOE. THIS WAS LIKE the only thing close to being done.. :I then like my pen decides to roll off the face of the earth. WELP this is what i can opst sorry for this piece of shoe

heeeeeey1234 answered: draw gamzee and dave

iHOPETHISISGOODE’NUFF i didnt have alot of time today;;;; haaa nnnn

insecureiillustrator answered: Thank you. How about DavKat blackrom and BrobotxJake? They’re something I don’t see enough of. But I second plushdavey, oh yes!

uGHHHHH;;; i only did the DavKat is tHAT oK??? ;o;

johnloveshisdaddy answered: DIRKJAKE

nsfwtorpidity answered you:

mmm. can i have streotypical johnkat?

like john being all friendly and shit while karkat is all angry and karkatlike. you can decide in how they interact or to what extent they interact so anything is fine.<3

um- i pair these guy after seeing THESE and THIS… uGHHHH;;;- i cant draw that kinda hotness with out over mits