me:in hurricane sandy. what else to do but put up some john/karkat

just friended Noahh !!

Prolly lecturing lil kk about how he wears his sweater. haha

GC: 4W K4RK4T! Y0UR S0 CUT3!

I dont know why I wrote terezi’s voice in there… That was originally WAS gamzee. Obviously, those are yaoi hands

I don’t know why im starting to feel the FEELS…

But i’d rather it be happy before its starts getting SAD

Like in reality

Im not sure who this guy is yet

because im the saddest excuse of a homestucker.

But I can’t help but think Karkats are perfect………. o A o ;;;

a bored late sketch i did on Whiteboard on my ipod.. i might turn this into a WIP. Idk 

Anymore homestuck requests dudes?
Ohgod I love your art. SO MUCH. Can I love you now U8

hahahah- goodexcusetodrawmoregamzee

YoUr FrEe To LoVe Me AlL yOu PlEaSe. JuSt TaKe Me OuT tO dInNeR fIrSt ;o)


 sopormiraclesbro asked: I saw the Gamzee and Jade drawing and wow! Could I request a Gamzee<3Jade eskimo kissing and cuddling close?

There you go. Sorry im tired i started this atttt 9’14 now its 11. im rolling to whats left of bedd and pray i can walk up to run tomorrow 



 plushdavey answered: twin daves doing twin things

Tc: Come on bro. Pay attention to the game dilltard

This is the first part of what i was thinking hot twin babe striders would do.. but then i thought more, and was looking at cumstucks blog then this other one…… (DON’T CLICK IF YOU DONT PREFER THE SHIPPING OF A STRIDERCEST KIND) came into being